Natioanal library is a library scientific, bibliographic, methodical, informative public research center.  



NLA is a largest repository of armenian printed productions in the world. In library's rich treasury are stored first armenian printed book- «Urbatagirq»(1512, Venice), first periodical  – «Azdarar»(1794, Madras), first printed map- «Hamatarats ashkharhatzuytz»(1695, Amsterdam). Library's collection at 1 January 2015 are more than 6.3 million registered units. These are including books, magazines, newspapers, maps, posters, thesis, music notes, cards, postcards, calendars, banknotes, video clips, CD/DVD-s. 

The history of NLA foundation is considered in 1832, when was founded a library of Yerevan Men's gymnasium, which 18.000 unit collection formed National library of Armenia. 1925-1900s library was named by prominent state and public personality Al. Myasnikyan, and 1990 was renamed as National library of Armenia. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding library was awarded «Friendship of peoples» medal. Library is located in 4th building. The oldest is main building that was designed by Al. Tamanyan (1939). The construction of Tamanyan building was funded by the Soviet Armenia government and «Grigor and Karapet Melqonyan» foundation. Then the building was reconstructed in 2008-2011, but this time it was funded by the Republic of Armenia government. Several years among the readers were prominent armenian writers Avetiq Isahakyan, Derenik Demirchyan, Paruyr Sevak, Nairi Zaryan, famous scientists Viktor Hambardzumyan, Sergey Mergelyan, John Kirakosyan, Eduard Jrbashyan and many others. About 900 readers attends the library daily. During one year the library gives to the readers 1.5 million units of literature.