In 1919 the National library of Armenia has replenished
the basic book property of Men’s gymnasium, received the status of State public
Matenadaran-Library, then during the Soviet Union’s rapid development it was expanded
and sustained, and in the years of independence with the new approaches, new
problems, new imperatives and new ways to solve them. Constantly replenished it
was formed, expanded and finally became librarianship, bibliographic guidance
center during its long and hard road. Nowadays  National Library of Armenia has over 6.5
million books, valued as a national and worldwide printing books heritage
database, serves to local education, science, literature, culture, forming educated
and literate society.

It has become imperative in today's pro-Armenian
cultural policy, implemented by the National Library of completing the
collections of Armenian and foreign literature. Armenian literature
replenishment needs due to the fact that since the epochal geopolitical and
socio-economical changes in the 1990s there is a need to make Armenian science as
national, political and national safety factor for Armenians, to have Armenian
national, political, cultural description, to breed younger generation, to
protect the state frontier and internal political stability, as well as the enhance
national self-esteem.

The work of library begins from the
replenishment department, which provides receipts up to 35.000-40.000 units of
literature, ensuring continuous recruitment process of the collections. The
work of the Department is obtained literature and other data storage media, as
well as the collections of famous individuals having scientific, historical,
and artistic significance.

Literature and other material carriers are

1. By receipts of compulsory free copies.
According to the law on "Documents / Documents / compulsive pattern» N
1316 adopted in October 4 2005, the printed products published by the producers
of books, periodicals, documents and electronic media all kinds of the first
batch / irrespective of the number / are obliged allocate two mandatory free
copies to the National Library of Armenia / Article 8 /,

2. By donations, by local and foreign
individuals and organizations,

3. By procurement and subscription, based on
"Regulations of the National Library of Armenia" SNCO book and
non-book publications stocking" and "Strategies for recruitment
literature collection of the National Library of Armenia"

4. By local and international book exchange,

5. By NLA publications.

subdivisions of the department are:

1. Book and other publications receiving

2. Press receiving subsection

3. The accounting subsection

4. Reserve literature subsection

Replenishment Division is conducting an
alphabetical publisher a one copy of the books, acquisition of desired books,
the press, the subscription press, regional newspapers, Diaspora press, foreign
press catalogs. Here are centralized also the recording of the literature,
registration and delivery of collections activities. Naturally, the relevant
accounting records shall be made according to the literature value, unit type,
sector, language and size number. The section’s Reserve collections contain
over 118,000 books.

Replenishment department cooperates with all
institutions of the Republic of Armenia which carry publishing activities, as well
as the Diaspora with publishing houses, editorial offices and embassies of
various countries, who are mainly publishes materials on Armenian studies.

Close contacts are maintained with the Diaspora
individual donors and organizations, including Vardan Grigoryan Hrach Zadoyan
Gia Ayvazyan, Hovsep Nalbandian, Peter Cowe, Ara Ghazaryan, Zaven Mserlyane,
Toros Torosyan, Avo Hovhannisyan, Suren Bayramyan Zhirayr Danielyan, Father
Gerard Tasciyan, Varujan Vosganian, the Armenian community of Lebanon, Cilicia
Catholicosate, US Eastern Diocese of the Civilitas Foundation, the Romanian
Armenians Center and others.

Combining traditional and new methods of work,
using electronic resources, the department continues to implement the
collections supplementation.

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National Library of Armenia, 1st Floor

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