Foreign literature processing and cataloging
department consists of two subsections:


Russian Literature subsection


Foreign language literature subsection

Here are processed, cataloging / paper and
electronic / not only entered to the library foreign language print products
(books, periodicals, non-book publications, postcards, maps, theses, abstracts,
calendars, stamps, bookmarks, notes, diplomas, certificates, etc. ) but also
electronic media.


Foreign literature processing and cataloging
department has a fundamental participation to the works of development and
organization of foreign language catalogs and full-text databases for
literature in electronic information, particularly to the formation of the
"Armenian press" file and "compact directory Armenian

"Armenian press" database covers from
1794 to the present day Armenian-language newspapers and magazines published in
different parts of the world. Periodicals, bibliographic records are made on
the basis of fundamental scientific collections and libraries of Armenia's
National Academy of Sciences. The goal is worldwide published Armenian
orientation edition development, registration, digitization, as well as the
stock replenishment. The website contains libraries' names abbreviations which records
printed products, where are visible in the form of tables the units of the
funds stored in library. Under reference "Read online" are available
numbers, in digital format. In the case of missing numbers in the National
library of Armenia and the basic science library of NAS tables are written in
the abbreviations names of the libraries, which provided digital copies. The
site is available through internet address. In the «The
consolidated catalog of the Armenian libraries» electronic catalog entered
collections of the Armenian libraries. Foreign literature processing and
cataloging department entering given in National Library of Armenia foreign
books, periodic publications: newspapers, magazines, etc., theses, summaries,
electronic data carriers, CD, DVD, etc., as well as non-book publications,
etc., regardless of orientation. The site is available through internet address. According to the 26.02.2014
Minister of Culture N 47-A order, the Foreign literature processing and
cataloging department in addition to the ongoing work carried out the
Russian-language library resources inventory of the «National Library of
Armenia» SNCO. The goal is to determine the total amount of Russian-language
funds in the National Library of Armenia. Department is implementing the
editorial works too. World of books is Infinite Universe and this vast area is
haven of civilization, wise and