Without libraries what have we?
  We have neither past nor future.
(Ray Bredberi)
Today libraries all treasures are of the human soul. How Gertsenn said, "Public Library is open table of ideas, which gathered around to everyone." Armenian National library  is the largest cache of Armenian printed literature repository since 1512. Main Repository is largest fund repository of the National Library of Armenia, in which implements a complex works of funds maintenance and service have. Here are stored and maintained countless books, newspapers, magazines, microfilms, abstracts, not only native, but also in 70 languages around the world. Main Repository Department collection date 01.01.2016 amounts is approximately 5,947,313 units of accounting, which is in the process of verification and reassessment. This wealth is in Tamanian's department, intermediate and high-rise buildings. Armenian-language literature subsection maintained science, culture and technology on Armenian literature. The Fund entered completely according "Integrated library automation network of Armenia" program and the date of 01.01.2016 amounts to 285,347 books. Russian and foreign-language books and records input into the process. From January 2013, the books are processed according to the format: I, II, III, IV, and on the shelves are arranged according to size, strict sequence. In 2015 Main Repository Department entered 81,438 request sheets, 99.1% of which were granted. Armenian language makes up 79%, Russian 17% and foreign languages 3.1%. Periodicals amounts to 15.7%, microfilm, abstract, ongoing edition of 1.4%, the books are in great demand by readers, who make up 82.9%. 2015 Department collections were supplemented by about 24,738 units of Literature. National Library's collections in 2015 were supplemented by donations from benefactors: famous academician John Maghakyan's granddaughter Isabella Muradyan, Parajanov Museum, VivaCell-MTC, OSCE Office in Yerevan and the others. Tradition that has become enriched and supplemented by donations from the funds of the National Library attracts many readers.