Bibliography and Scientific Research Department was established in 1933, February 19, according No. 15 order, by director Azat Martikyan direct prescript. Department’s functions closely related to the scientific, research works contributing to the most important works of National library's wealth to be presented to the public. In the Department’s structure are separated three subsections
1. Armenian Science and geological maps information subsection
2. Armenian  book's bibliography and Diaspora press subsection
3. Library Science and bibliography subsection
In Armenian Science and geological maps information subsection are processed and cataloging periodicals and collections published in articles about Armenia and its regions, the Armenian people and the Armenian Diaspora. Subsection is also personal catalog, which contains works by Armenian prominent cultural figures printed in periodicals works, translations and interviews.
In Armenian book's bibliography and Diaspora press subsection was compiled and published 5 volumes of "The Armenian Book" Bibliography that contain from first Armenian printed books until 1930 published books, its content, printing and the location, as well as valuable information on the physical condition. In 2016 will be publish the sixth volume, which represents the Armenian books published in 1931-1940. In this subsection is processing of Armenian Diaspora and foreign language press and brochures articles.
In Library Science and bibliography subsection are processed and cataloging articles about different countries of the world from periodicals and collections. Informative literature reading hall has a rich intact fund; 15,340 units (books, newsletters, yearbooks).
Subsection’s readers are provided with oral information, according to their survey and guidance on how to access the required source. The relevant directive is drawn up, according to a written statement on the subject. The written notice shall indicate the subject, the number of sources, reference compiler name, compilation day, month,  year and the name of the client. A reference sample is archived and stored in the subsection.
Taking into account modern developments in the field of information, from 2013 articles about Armenia the Armenian people are processed electronically by creating the "Press Articles" electronic database. Through Greenstone program are made articles records, are given according press web site for the article to read. The department creates various electronic thematic databases, such as "Arev" daily, "400th Anniversary of the Armenian printing”, “500th anniversary of the Armenian printing", "Printing and publishing", "Artsakh movement", "Armenians in the Great Patriotic War”,  "Armenian Genocide in the foreign press" and others. Scanning and digitizing appropriate materials, then making material's bibliographic description, installing the PDF version to make the material readable. If the article has an electronic source then placing the appropriate source retaining copyright. Featured the "Armenian Book" electronic database, which includes Armenian, Armenian letter, as well as books containing Armenian outgoing data. Electronic databases are available at
Department examines the yearly statistics on the activities of all the libraries in the Republic of Armenia, a brochure presenting to the end of the year. Each year are published the brochure "Memorable Dates", presenting next year outstanding events and anniversaries. "New Books" Armenian and foreign language books and brochures are put on the web site in electronic format, presenting lists new books of the National Library of Armenia.
Since 1937, the Department compiled and published valuable bibliographies, instruction listings, directory listings, manuals, calendars, anniversaries, etc. The following bibliographies during processing:
1. "Armenian book. 1931-1940 ". Bibliography / Compile S. Grigoryan
2. "Malachia Ormanyan". Bibliography / Compile  S. Grigoryan
3. "Avetis Aharonian". Bibliography / Compile  A. Davtyan
4. "Yeghishe Charents". Bibliography / Compile A. Davtyan, O. Aghayan
5. "Ivan Aivazovsky". Bibliography / Compile R. Tumasyan, S. Shirvanyan,  L. Vardanyan
6. "Balian family". Istanbul architect Gregory Palyan 250 birth anniversary. Bibliography / Compile A. Davtyan
Department performs translations for various events such as Printing museum, organizes seminars, exhibitions, meetings, presentations. Held in bibliographic reviews, presentations  of  electronic versions of publications.
Bibliography and Research Department remains committed to its mission to make available of accumulated all information Armenian Science and the Armenian studies to the reading society through traditional and modern all possible ways.